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Improve a home or building's energy performance and comfort.



Spray Foam Insulation can improve energy efficiency and reduce air loss.

Today, homeowners are seeking energy-efficient homes that perform year-round without straining the household budget. Energy-efficient spray foam insulation helps to reduce heating and cooling expenses for a more energy smart home, making it a wise investment that delivers a return year over year.

The EPA's Energy Star Association has shown that monthly energy bills can be cut by up to 20% when air leaks are sealed and efficient insulation is installed. The initial cost of spray foam insulation is well worth the investment, when factoring in the overall savings that will be headed your way over the long term.

Through its air sealing properties, spray foam insulation:

  • limits air leakage to optimize HVAC equipment performance

  • helps maintain even temperatures throughout the home, including the attic

Energy-efficient spray foam insulation helps to reduce the energy required by HVAC equipment to heat and/or cool the home. Depending on how much of your home and where you insulate, you could save up to 40% on heating and cooling bills!


Spray foam insulation’s role in moisture control & flood resistance

As part of the home’s building envelope system, spray foam insulation is an ideal building material to help manage moisture and reduce the risk of mold growth, mildew and building durability issues. Spray foam insulation expands to fill the framing cavity, creating an air-tight seal to eliminate gaps and cracks where airborne moisture can penetrate, reducing the risk of moisture problems such as those that result from condensation.


Improve Air Quality

An insulation and air barrier system, helps to improve your home's air quality by helping to keep allergens and pollutants out of your home, where it is applied. You can also seal living spaces from garages, combustion furnaces and water heaters to reduce the likelihood of breathing air from these spaces.

By air sealing and eliminating air leakage with spray foam insulation,  you can minimize infiltration of outdoor allergens and pollutants where it is applied.

Foam Insulation & Noise Reduction

How spray foam insulation contributes to sound dampening

Spray noise can be minimized in your residential projects thanks to spray foam insulation’s air barrier properties.  Spray foam insulation can reduce both. Open-cell, light-density spray foam insulation has natural sound-absorbing properties which helps soundproof.

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